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Our team specialised in investment funds has a very significant presence in the private equity, credit funds, hedge funds and collective investment institutions sector, working on an ongoing basis with a large number of them in their operations in Spain and Portugal.

We have established ourselves as leaders in complex investment transactions, both in equity and credit, and in the latter case both individually and as part of debt portfolios, as well as in advising on hybrid transactions and special situations.

We collaborate actively and on an ongoing basis with the London and New York offices, where advice to investment funds is a key practice.

The advice we provide in the sector includes:

  • Analysis of equity and debt investments from the legal point of view.
  • Acquisition and sale of credit and debt portfolios
  • Analysis of special and distressed situations in the Iberian market, including detailed analysis of capital structures and possible investments in them
  • Restructuring of credit positions in companies, advising both on bilateral and syndicated loan transactions, private placements or standing committee of bond holders. This would include advice in both the pre-insolvency and insolvency stages
  • Financing in the primary market, including rescue or emergency financing operations
  • Advice on hybrid investments, including warrants, participating financing and similar products
  • Analysis of investment opportunities in public debt, both state and regional, both financial debt and commercial debt
  • Advising activist funds on the design and execution of their strategies in Spain
  • Defence of creditors' interests in the context of credit operations in Spain and Portugal, including the enforcement of guarantees and security


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