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From the business challenge of moving towards sustainability and its legal implications arises Gómez-Acebo & Pombo's commitment to contributing from the legal sector to the global effort towards sustainable development.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was signed in 2015 by the United Nations Heads of State and Government and represents the international commitment to address the social, economic and environmental challenges of globalisation, placing people, the planet, prosperity and peace at the centre of attention, under the slogan of "leaving no one behind". Under its 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the 2030 Agenda sets out a framework for action, the progressive implementation of which is and will be a positive transformation of our economy and our society.

This Agenda, which has aspirational, non-binding goals, also provides companies with the opportunity to showcase their contributions to global sustainability and to seize new business opportunities associated with the sustainable development agenda. The business world faces a challenge, but also an opportunity, that will affect not only its transparency and reporting, but also the design and adoption of any future management, investment and financing decisions.

From the business challenge of moving towards sustainability and its legal implications, arises Gómez-Acebo & Pombo's commitment to contributing, from the legal sector, to the global effort towards sustainable development. A sustainable development challenge to which this Firm is fully committed as an aspirational objective of our long-term growth strategy.

The regulatory and security implications brought about by the implementation and execution of new public policies in Europe and Spain aimed at achieving these goals of economic, social and environmental sustainability have led us to form a group of specialists whose objective is to bring together, coordinate and organise the services we offer our clients.

The challenge of sustainability is in itself vast and overwhelming, but so is the challenge of providing the necessary legal and regulatory certainty for its effective implementation; this is where we want to work to offer, in this new political and regulatory framework of sustainability, our commercial, financial, tax, corporate, labour, criminal and environmental advice, as well as in any other relevant area of legal practice that is of interest to our clients.

Some of our sustainability-focused services include:

  • Advice on Sustainable Finance
  • Assistance on transparency in corporate disclosure of non-financial information
  • Inclusion of ESG criteria in corporate governance
  • Advice on Energy and Climate
  • Environment and Circular Economy
  • Sustainable Mobility
  • Natural resources and sustainable agri food business
  • Environmental taxation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Equality and social inclusion plans
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