Our goal is to provide the highest quality legal services to our clients. To this end, we have a “decalogue” covering the basic principles that always accompany us in our actions.

GA_P Basic services quality standards

1. Availability and accessibility

Each member of the firm is fully available and has the means to be easily located both by the rest of the members of the Firm and the clients.

2. Client service

Our clients are given response without delay and with the highest professionalism and respect. This same rule applies in the relations between all members of the Firm and with the lawyers from other firms.

3. Use of the experience and knowledge of the members of the Firm

We put all the experience and knowledge of the Firm at the disposal of each case to guarantee the highest quality in the advice provided. We call on our specialists in each relevant field and, where appropriate, delegate the coordination and management of the matter to them.

All our lawyers provide the Firm with their experience and knowledge, collaborating in the provision and updating of documents.

4. Ethics and confidentiality

We comply meticulously with internal procedures and applicable internal, legal and ethical standards, acting at all times in an ethical manner and maintaining the utmost confidentiality on the matters in which we participate.

5. Information to clients and meeting deadlines

Our clients receive useful and complete information on the matters entrusted to the Firm in order to be able to make informed decisions and make an ongoing assessment of the services rendered.

6. Use of language

The style of writing and verbal communication is precise, clear and easily understandable and the quality of Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, German, Dutch, Catalan and Basque in the relationship with the client is of the highest order.

7. Involvement of partners

All communication and documentation sent to the client is reviewed beforehand by a partner or senior associate. In addition, unless otherwise agreed with the partner responsible for or coordinating the area, there should always be a partner copied in the correspondence exchanged with clients.

8. Standardized formats and models

We use the formats or models that the Firm has standardized, without prejudice to the fact that the appropriate modifications are made for each specific case.

9. Traceability and filing

We are consistent about the subject matter and content of the emails, adapting it, if necessary, to the email chains. In addition, all correspondence and documents relating to the case are filed in an internal folder assigned to the case file. In this way, we guarantee the fulfilment of the Firm's professional requirements, and we also improve the response time to clients and the efficiency in the provision of our services.

10. Closure of the transaction or matter

After the closing of each transaction or matter we send the clients a “bible” with a copy of the main documents of the transaction or matter and we request information from the client about their degree of satisfaction and the aspects that, in their opinion, should be improved.