We want lawyers who prominently fight for human rights, involved against the injustices of the world
Fernando Pombo

Our commitment to legal ethics and rule of law have guided us as a firm, generating a culture that reflects values shared by our founders, Ignacio Gómez-Acebo and Fernando Pombo.

Our Social Responsibility strategy is focused on following the principles of the Global Compact and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. To this end, we have organised our actions in this area into four main blocks: responsible business, people, community and planet.

The Social Responsibility strategy is fully aligned with the Firm’s Code of Conduct, culture and principles.

We channel our main Social Responsibility actions through Fundación Fernando Pombo.

The Foundation was founded in 2010 by Gómez-Acebo & Pombo and Fernando Pombo with the mission of promoting the social responsibility of the legal profession in a spirit of improvement, rigour and generosity.



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