Elisa Torralba Mendiola

Permanent lecturer in Private International Law

Practice areas

Corporate and Commercial


Degree in Law from the University of Barcelona
Doctorate in Law from the University of Barcelona. Awarded unanimously a Special Prize (cum laude)
She broadened her training with a “License Spéciale en Droit Européen” from the “Institut d’Études Europeens” (Université de Bruxelles), obtaining “Grande Distinction”


Professional career

Collaborated with Uría & Menéndez (1989-1991)
Collaborated with Roca Junyent Abogados (1999-2002)


Private, Social and Economic law


Reader (Associate Professor) of Private International Law, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid




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CL – The cross-border takeover bids. Pages 265-285. (Tirant lo Blanch, Valencia, 2010).
L- The liability of the manufacturer. Application of foreign law and community rules (Marcial Pons, 1997)
CL- Right to privacy: secrecy of communications and Internet. (La Ley, 2002).
CL- Introductory Commentary to Title IX and to Articles 11, 209, 216, 218, 225, 229 and 230. (Tecno, 2004)


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Other publications

Commentaries on jurisprudence: Commentary on the Directorate General of Registries and Notaries’ Ruling of 23 February 2004, CCJC, vol. 67, 2005, pp. 67-79
Commentary on the Supreme Court Sentence of 18 November 2004, CCJC, vol. 69, 2005, pp. 1211-1223
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Commentary on book by A. Calvo and J. Carrascosa “Derecho Concursal internacional” [international insolvency law], Anuario de Derecho Internacional Privado, 2005, pp. 1366-1367
Review of the book by Virgós and Garcimartín “El reglamento europeo de insolvencia” [European insolvency regulations], Estudios Internacionales electronic journal, 2004, vol. 8, pp. 1-4
Other: International jurisprudence report on competition law – regular collaboration in the International studies electronic journal
Participation in the collective work coordinated by M. Virgós and E. Rodríguez: International judicial competence and the recognition of foreign judicial rulings: jurisprudence of the European Court of Justice, Mc. Graw Hill, 1999