Degree in Law and in Administration and Business Management from the College of Financial Studies (CUNEF).
Master in Business Law from the Centro de Estudios Garrigues and Harvard Law School.

Professional career

Practicum Iuris at Estudio Jurídico Sánchez Calero (March-April 2011).
Associate lawyer in the Administrative, Urban Planning and Environmental Law Department of J&A Garrigues, S.L.P.(September 2011 – April 2017)


Urban Law and Construction: advice to public and private sector in urban planning and zoning through the issuance of planning opinions and reports, urban planning analysis, urban agreements, determination of the acts subject to license, transmission regime, interrelation of municipal licenses with other sectoral authorizations (in particular, in environmental and trade matters). Implementation, modification and transmission of all types of commercial and hotel establishments. Financial and patrimonial assets. In addition, assessment as legal secretariat of Compensation Boards and drafting of Reparcelling and Expropriation Projects.

Legal advice in acquisition, vendor or financing due diligence process of all kind of assets for different uses as residential, commercial, industrial or even renewable energies.

Real Estate Law: advice on real estate investment, construction and marketing operations in various sectors. Specifically, advice on purchase and sale operations, sale and leaseback, real estate leases, etc. of commercial galleries, office buildings, hotels, logistic warehouses, etc.

Public procurement: Advice to the public sector on tenders, offers, modification, execution, assignment and termination of administrative and private contracts of all kinds (works, services, concession of public works).

Advice to the private sector in administrative (e.g. sanctioning procedures and reestablishment of the urban planning situation) and contentious-administrative proceedings in urban planning, consumption, historical heritage and environment matters