Avenida Duque de Ávila, n.º 46, 6.º
1050-083 Lisbon

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We have been in Portugal since 2010 offering our clients an integrated Iberian solution which allows Portuguese, Spanish or international investors to operate in the Iberian Peninsula as a single business unit.

From our office in Lisbon, located in Avenida Duque de Avila, one of the main financial centres of the Portuguese capital, we have a team of local professionals, with extensive and demonstrable international experience, committed to the objectives of our clients and working to anticipate potential opportunities or challenges and solve any problem that may arise.

We are different not only due to the services we provide or resources that we use, but because we believe in our clients and we work with them to ensure their success, always based on the values charactering us over more than 45 years.

In addition we are aware of the importance of contributing towards a positive change in society, which is why we perform social and corporate responsibility actions with a legal nuance, coordinated by the foundation Fundación Fernando Pombo, and managed by volunteers and legal pro bono through our participation in GRACE Portugal (Group of Reflection and support to Citizenship).

Mafalda Barreto

Managing partner - LisboaManaging partner - Lisbon

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