Ferran Foix Miralles

Managing partner – LondonManaging partner – Londres

Five Kings House 1 Queen Street Place
London EC4R 1QS
United Kingdom

+44 (0) 20 7329 5407

We opened our British office near Mansion House in September 2007. The London office was the second we opened out of Spain after the Brussels.

We offer advice to a broad group of companies and entities from different sectors, participating in cross-border transactions with international firms, banks and financial institutions.

We provide advice to:

English or international companies with presence or activity in the Iberian peninsula and Spanish and Portuguese companies with presence or interests in the United Kingdom
International financial institutions in funding, refinancing or restructuring operations in the Iberian Peninsula
Investment funds in their investment or divestment operations in Spain and Portugal
Companies and investment funds in their operations in Latin America

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