20 February 2022

Álvaro Mateo “Jobandtalent, Wallbox and Fever: facing the challenge of growing and going public” | El Economista

This article reflects the opinion of our Corporate partner Álvaro Mateo regarding the first forays into foreign stock markets and the need to go public on the Spanish Stock Market in order to change the profile of the Spanish selective market and make it more technological, as in other countries.

"If we compare the Spanish Stock Market with others, the weight of the technology sector is practically insignificant. It is clear, therefore, that in Spain there is a long way to go in this respect, since the international weight of our technology sector in its different aspects is, of course, much greater than that reflected over the number of companies listed on our stock exchanges. In our experience, the greater liquidity (stimulated by the growing use of SPACs) and the higher values usually obtained in a US listing are the main reasons for many companies deciding to go to the US market.

Article El Economista


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